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What were the top new PC & console games of 2023?

Plus: House Flipper 2 comes out swingin' at year end!

How localization affects game discovery: real data!

Which new games made the biggest splash at The Game Awards?

Plus: Rogue Trader smashes it, as The Day Before bombs

Right subgenre, 'wrong' result: analyzing disappointing game ROI

What does Epic's Big Bang mean for the future of Fortnite?

Plus: here comes The Day Before, and we're fascinated!

Why Moonlighter's dev pivoted genres for its new discovery challenge!

What are your Steam wishlists 'meant' to do after release?

Plus: Death Must Die, Microcivilization show big power for tiny games!

What can we learn from Lethal Company's huge success?

Don't Scream: jumpscaring a giant 'hook' to >100k sales in 2 weeks!

Plus: Risk Of Rain Returns, Football Manager go out huge!

Will your Steam 1.0 launch outpace your Early Access start?

Slay The Princess: how did this horror game go viral?

Plus: which recent PC games have the most 'staying power'?

How Rusty Lake's 'immersive puzzle' worlds sell millions!

How many games do PC/console players own, & do they 'main' just one?

Plus: ARK: Survival Ascended's stealth-drop surprise!

SENTRY: analyzing a winning Next Fest demo!

How are new F2P games doing on Steam in 2023?

Plus: Cities: Skylines II 'builds' its playerbase starting next week!

Steam Deck: everything you were afraid to ask!

Who's top of Steam Next Fest for October 2023?

Plus: Lords Of The Fallen knocks down the doors!

The 'We Were Here' franchise gave away 7 million copies of its latest game. Why?

Why Sony's betting on 'spectacular' GaaS revenues for PlayStation

Plus: Thief Simulator 2 hits now, Lords Of The Fallen later?

Deep dive: how Thronefall went 'minimal' to hit 300k sales

Most PC games gross <$1,000: should we be worried?

Plus: Cyberpunk DLC (and EA Sports FC) go huge...

BattleBit Remastered: how did it sell millions?

In-depth: Xbox Game Pass & the 'subscriber shuffle'

Plus: how did those big Steam debuts do?

Introducing: new eBooks & major forecasting features!

Fortnite Creative 2.0: battle stories from shipping UGC!

Plus: next week goes giant with Party Animals, Lies Of P, Payday 3!

Unity changes: why PC & console devs feel like the 'ugly duckling'

Desynced: how an 'automation x RTS' hybrid found a Steam audience

Plus: Starfield gets a giant start, here comes Fae Farm...

What's in a name? Top Steam game titles revealed!

Plus: new data, Sea Of Stars hits, here comes Starfield...

Why do some great PC/console games fail to 'go big'?

What 'Steam review count' tells us about your game

Plus: Armored Core 6 mechs its way to a big hit

A Little To The Left: how DLC boosted the stealth hit!

Plus: the fourteen (!) big Steam releases of the week

How 'top-heavy' is the PC/console player-base in 2023?

Miss, miss, hit: why three Steam launches had different trajectories

Plus: oh, welcome to Steam, Overwatch 2!

What are the most important games on PlayStation?

In-depth: a discovery 'playbook' for Steam & console games

Plus: Baldur's Gate 3 gets 1.0 huge, assaults Steam servers

How does Steam's 'New & Trending' chart work?

What chance does your Switch game have of being a hit in 2023?

Plus: Remnant II dominates, as we start tracking Steam CCU

Summer special: how devs should reach out to top YouTubers

Plus: Xenonauts 2, Punch Club 2 head this week's Steam debuts

Summer special: video games & AI 'exposed'?

Plus: how an Only Up! clone made millions on Fortnite

Xbox bonanza: that FTC win & the future of Game Pass!

In-depth: inside China's 'hidden' game console market

Plus: which games got most (Steam) Hyped for the rest of 2023?

How Solarpunk racked up 250k Steam wishlists!

How Fruit Ninja's creator got YouTube virality for his new PC game

Plus: What's grossing the best in Steam's Summer Sale?

PlayStation's top first-party games now cost >$200 million to make

Who's top of Steam Next Fest for June 2023?

Plus: Aliens, Forever Skies splash land on Steam

Why your Steam 'follower to wishlist' multiplier matters!

Xbox's strategy: more first-party, more targeting, more PC

Plus: BattleBit Remastered - a 254-player indie shooter win?

Video game pitch decks: how you get them 'right'!

Analysis: which 'not-E3' games hit it big with gamers?

Plus: Amnesia: The Bunker shows its horror chops

Deep dive: how Darkest Dungeon II hit 600k+ units with a 'different' sequel

Big get bigger: why Paradox is refocusing on its largest franchises

Plus: examining the next 90 days for big Steam releases!

Where's PlayStation - and Sony's games - headed in 2023?

Have you 'lost track' of Steam key resellers?

Plus: who's dominating Steam debuts in May?

Wartales: how did it sell 600k copies on Steam?

Steam publisher sales: how does having a big hit affect one?

Plus: Outlast Trials, Starship Troopers FPS go out big on Steam!

Analysis: multiplayer game discovery & the 'cold start problem'

Which PC genres convert pre-launch interest the best?

Plus: how pre-orders affect your launch 'splash'!

UGC: how Fortnite (& Roblox!) are leading the next wave

How did this video game Kickstarter raise $1.4 million?

Plus: Age Of Wonders 4 goes huge on Steam

Analysis: how arcade video game 'discovery' works!

Deep dive: how Everspace 2 made its space opera a PC hit

Plus: Jedi Survivor is the game you're looking for* (*except PC tech issues)

Microsoft x Activision: UK regulators become The Terminator?

Where are Steam, Xbox and PlayStation's players located?

Plus: Jedi Survivor lightsabers its way to big Hype!

Contraband Police: how it hit big & why game 'hook' matters

Why cloud gaming isn't a market...

Plus: Wildfrost, Boundary go big in their launch week..

Why games get big post-release discovery boosts

Plus: who were the big new Steam winners in March 2023?

Deep dive: how Big Ambitions hit it big on Steam!

E3 2023 and the 'ocean liner' problem

Plus: Last Of Us PC fumbles, as Smalland & Terra Nil come through

The state of Quest 2 VR games: 2023 edition!

Validate, 'hype', release: The Wandering Village's successful discovery approach

Plus: Resident Evil 4 takes off like a rocket...

PC & console games: predictions for 2023

Rain World: how UGC headlined a big sales comeback!

Plus: which newer Steam games are now 'evergreen sellers'?

One step beyond: how game contracts could evolve

Epic Games Store: who is it the bestest for?

Plus: yep, Contraband Police actually got it right...

Assembling a community... before you start making your game?

Deep dive: how Cosmoteer became a breakout Steam hit

Plus: Wo Long, Phantom Brigade debut with a flourish* this week!

PlayStation VR2: what big launch games, and why?

Valve's new stance on Steam keys: what to know?

Plus: Sons Of The Forest: so big it broke Steam?

How Dying Light 2 kept players interested, a year after release

Your Early Access launch? It (kinda!) is your launch...

Plus: Sons Of The Forest, Kerbal 2, Atomic Heart go massive next week!

A Little To The Left: how tidying (and TikTok!) made a hit

Steam's biggest Next Fest demos? We rank 'em!

Plus: next week goes big with Wild Hearts, Pharaoh, Returnal...

Why discounting your game works: psychology edition!

Which showcase should you announce your game at?

Plus: The Hogwarts Legacy express is pulling in...

Winning at game discovery on TikTok (& Instagram Reels!)

Deep dive: Shell Shockers' multi-million $ web game success

Plus: the big (continuing!) Steam hits for January?

Can another big game release crush your launch sales?

How Goose Goose Duck hit 700k CCU on Steam

Plus: GTA Trilogy remaster 'stealth launches' on Steam!

Game subscription services: the upsides and downsides?

Console game wishlists - what's the deal?

Plus: One Piece Odyssey - a trad hit for Namco?

What's the most effective paid ad platform for PC/console games?

Where does the drive to monetize 'compulsion loops' in games end?

Plus: the big Steam December launches you missed...

Deep dive: Steam's top-grossing releases of 2022

Analysis: how a solo dev 'gladiator sim' hit big on PC