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Epic's surprise $520m FTC penalty: let's talk 'dark patterns'?

Third-party app stores - are they good for discovery?

Will Microsoft actually close the Activision deal?

Plus: wow, look at Dwarf Fortress (and Ixion!) go...

How did 'the plastic duck game' become a discovery hit?

New games' biggest discovery competition? Old games!

Plus: Darktide, Midnight Suns, Callisto Protocol, Need For Speed go big!

TikTok: how data changed one dev's discovery tactics

Video games & the fractalization of attention

Paranormal Tales: how did it hit #1 trending on Steam?

Plus: why is Bendy such a big deal, anyhow?

Epic vs. Apple - will the 'walled garden' get breached?

Steam sales estimates: why game popularity matters!

Plus: probing Dave The Diver's 'sleeper hit' origins..

How Blight: Survival added hundreds of thousands of Steam wishlists!

How to get to your game's hook, quick!

Plus: a new way to estimate Steam Week 1 sales!

How The Long Dark scaled to 10 million players - and what's next

2023 in video games - what do we know already?

Plus: October's big Steam hits, poked at!

Steam's regional pricing changes: a big deal?

Who's winning game discovery on Discord?

Plus: how Rimworld shows DLC strategy done right

In-depth: how Legend Of Keepers hit it big on PC

Deep dive - inside ARK: Survival Evolved's GaaS success

Plus: the rise of the mobile/PC simu-launch?

Steam Next Fest - which games were hot & why?

TikTok: practical advice for big discovery wins!

Plus: which 'unlikely' PC game subjects are success indicators?

Discounting your games: 7 clear rules!

Stadia's demise - did it have to happen?

Plus: a game 'Hype' showdown - vampires, or cute kitties?

Xbox Game Pass titles in 2022: what's their reach?

What genres do PC gamers want - and does it change?

Plus: we welcome our new Steam chart overlords

Publishers, and their 'hidden' Steam advantage?

Game trailers: breaking down a key discovery mistake

Plus: how does 'long tail' differ for year-old games?

Temtem & 'battle pass': a study in tightrope walking

Case study: muscling The Riftbreaker's DLC to success

Plus: what upcoming (Steam) VR games are the hottest?

What do players really want from new games, anyhow?

Who are the top YouTube influencers for indie game discovery?

Plus: what next quarter's 'hype' says about Steam's biggest games

Nature or nurture? The biggest game discovery question..

Was Sony's PS5 price bump wise? Check back in 3 years...

Plus: super-dynamic Steam charts? Yessir!

Which time of year should you release your game?

This game used TikTok to get 120m views, 60k Steam wishlists!

Plus: Thymesia & Madden duke it out in top new releases...

Dinkum's 350k sales in a month: serendipity or foregone conclusion?

Inside the Microsoft vs. Sony 'unfair competition' feud

Plus: this is the week of the Spider-Lamb

Is your game built for 'main'-ing, trending, or sampling?

Avoiding ineffective (or scam!) discovery interactions with influencers

Plus: next week is massive on Steam, folks!

Sales comps for your game: how not to do it.

PlayStation's problem: third-party royalties... or PS+ revenue?

Plus: Steam's top 20 for June - did we get close?

The evolution of Steam tags (& why we dig 'em!)

Why paid DLC might be the right choice for your PC/console game!

Plus: all hail Stray, as 'that cat game' goes big...

King for the day: 'underdiscovered' games get the spotlight!

Why haven't you heard of this 'hit game'?

Plus: Dinkum, PowerWash Simulator 1.0 lead Steam 'debuts' for week

PC casual games - exploring a vestigial market?

How one of Sokpop's almost 100 (!) Steam games became a big hit

Plus: Klonoa, Gwent top a slow-ish new Steam week?

What's the top-selling new Switch games of H1 2022 - and why?

How to make a hit indie Metroidvania: the lowdown!

Plus: the top Steam games debuting in Q3!

How to become a video game superforecaster

This game sold 500k copies - why didn't you know about it?

Plus: the Steam Summer Sale hasn't deterred Tiny Tina!

Are derivative games now the only way to hit it big?

How gamification ruined your Next Fest stats (and why it doesn’t matter)

Plus: FFVII, Chivalry, Turtles top big Steam week!

Post-launch monetization: the state of the art from mobile?

4 big discovery takeaways from 'not-E3'

Plus: TMNT, Starship Troopers hit Steam next week!

How V Rising reached 1 million sales in only a week!

What happened to the 'growth stock bubble' in video games?

Plus: hot pre-orders, and how to use 'em

Which platforms should you launch your video game on first?

Sony's multiplatform future - and its discovery effects?

Plus: YOU get a Steam sales estimate, YOU get...

How TABS creator Landfall got discovery right!

Influencer? Game dev? Just be both!

Plus newsletter example: April 2022's big new winners (& losers?) on Steam

Plus: look at V Rising go, fellow vampires!

Should user-generated content be a key game discovery focus?

Podcast:'s Scott Reismanis on the impact of UGC in games

Does a Day 1 Game Pass debut make your game convert worse on Steam?

Plus: Songs of Conquest, We Were Here Forever hit it big...

A Switch game discovery success? Tell us more...

Steam's U.S. antitrust lawsuits fail to get dismissed - now what?

Plus: April's big new winners (& losers?) on Steam

How streamers & game devs can work in... perfect harmony?

Podcast: Devolver's Clara Sia on the streamer-led discovery process for games

Trend watch: the rise of 'publisher as a service'?

Plus: a big Steam week, w/Warhammer 40k & Trek To Yomi up next...

Cook Serve Forever's announcement splash, deconstructed

A heavily curated store? Meta Quest thinks it's a winner...

Plus analysis: Teardown's 1.0, Dune: Spice Wars' debut & more

In-depth: how Dread Hunger hit 1 million sales

Podcast: Dread Hunger's James Tan talks the hit social deduction game.

The future of PC/console game discovery: a discussion

Plus: Steam debuts for April falter (so far!)

Nintendo Switch: the state of player discovery

Instruments Of Destruction's 'build & smash' launch - deconstructed

Plus: new Quest charts, as Lego x Star Wars dominates elsewhere!

The best - and worst - ways to pitch media for game discovery?

Nightmare Reaper: doing a 1.0 Steam release the right way

Podcast: Kate Gray on how media discover your games

Plus: Midnight Ghost Hunt, Weird West, Coromon storm the charts!

PlayStation's Plus reboot - the pluses and minuses?

In-depth: Game Pass stats, probed & deconstructed

Plus: Ghostwire: Tokyo, The Planet Crafter hit it big on Steam

Hidden discovery insight? Analyzing player review word length!

Deep dive: inside Strange Horticulture's delightful Steam success

Plus: Tunic, Persona, ANNO: Mutationem top this week's debuts

The hidden levers of game discovery? Supply and demand!

Deep dive: how Astroneer made it to 8 million players

Plus: Eureka, some new indie hits (finally!)

How does a VC see game discovery?

In-depth: Yacht Club gets transparent with sales numbers

Plus: why Dread Hunger got so big; what Steam tags are hot?

Steam Deck: what you should know about discovery

Steam's boss talks subscriptions, NFTs, hardware

Plus: witness the Elden Ring-ness!

The state of VR games in 2022: survey results

How 'hook' made With You stand out as a free Steam game

Plus: why Total War: Warhammer III got review bombed

Pitching to game publishers: lessons from an in-progress deal

Does Xbox really intend to slice up the platform 'tax'?

Plus: Total War(Hammer), Elden Ring dominate upcoming Steam debuts

Deep dive: turning around your game's reviews, post-launch

When should you announce your game for max discovery?

Plus: the hottest pre-release Steam tags?

Which new Switch games are winning the discovery war?

What traits do 'discoverable' games have in 2022?

Plus: Zenith's surprising VR Steam hit, Dying Light 2's debut, more!

Running a Steam sales promotion: real numbers & data

VR explosion? Examining Quest 2's top genres & games

Plus: Vampires survive, post-release charts go weekly!

What does the Microsoft/Activision deal mean for game devs and platforms?

Lessons from a disappointing game launch: Spire Of Sorcery

Plus: God Of War's perfecto PC transition

How Project Zomboid made.. 23x its normal sales numbers?!

Lost in the shuffle? Launching a game with no marketing in 2021

Plus: Q1 on Steam - let's witness the hotness?

The surprising things Escape Simulator did to become a hit

Analyzing the top-grossing Steam games of 2021