Sitemap - 2021 - The GameDiscoverCo newsletter

Holiday special: did Steam really just get banned in China?

Plus: Noble Fates' stealth success, examined

Real data: inside Epic's plans for Epic Games Publishing

Game devs: what's your chance of success in today's market?

Plus: December's Steam debut hits so far, from Icarus to Wartales

Deep dive: Devolver's indie publisher biz, poked at

The console subscription wars, begun they have!

Plus: who is Steam's 'long tail' paying off for?

Case study: how localization amps up game discovery

Deep dive: on Exo One's road to success

Plus: whose Hype is converting in November?

Why is the publisher/dev dance getting more contentious?

Plus: Steam post-release analysis gets Hype-d!

Why business intelligence - and IndieBI - matters

What does 'success' really mean for PC/console games in 2021?

Plus: Steam (also, love) is a Battlefield

The rise of game subscription services & 'Infinite Browsing Mode'

The Nintendo Switch ecosystem - where next?

Plus: Back to the Jurassic Forza era?

Deep dive: analyzing Slapshot Rebound's F2P Steam success

Console game discovery: 4 big trends in 2021

Plus: why is Poppy Playtime doing so well?

Why sell your game studio? And why not?

PC game discovery: 5 big trends in 2021

Plus: why did Inscryption blow up?

15 years later, did indie game discovery happen like we thought?

Designing for virality: Choo-Choo Charles edition

Plus: we're Back 4 Riftbreaker!

Revisiting the Steam Prologue as a 'discovery beat'

How streamers pick games: the SplatterCat interview

Steam survey: do wishlists and sales line up meaningfully?

The anatomy of a 'crazy multiplier' post-launch game success

Plus: Two weeks of Steam madness in one!

How Spelunky got its procedural 'hook' & actually got finished

Your game's on sale too often? Players say that's unlikely!

Plus: a whole New World on Steam?

Steam: the state of 'long tail' revenue in 2021!

What players wish Nintendo would fix for Switch discovery

Plus: Why such big Steam Hype winners this week?

VR game discovery, Reddit, trailers & more

Epic vs. Apple - what does the verdict REALLY mean?

Plus: what are the most awaited Metroidvanias?

Why auditing your Steam keys is a great idea!

'It's OK' - the meh-ening of indie console game sales

Plus: Arise, Life is Strange, and get Webbed

Steam refund worries, Kickstarter trends & more!

Is your streamer game discovery strategy 'on point'?

Plus: We're having a Total War with Pathfinder?

Call for data: help us measure Steam success!

How do you discover when people find your game?

Plus: Next week in Hype? Aliens, kings... & psychonauts

Deep dive: how went from web game to $1 million Steam hit

Data dive: inside a successful sequel launch

Plus: stealth launches, Xbox charts, new Hype tag details

Estimating Steam/console sales: two hot methods!

Steam demo showcases: officially good for sales!

Plus: Back 4 Blood's beta & a new Switch lens

Epic advances, Steam reviews, oh my!

The Last Spell: how we surprised ourselves & sold 130,000 units

Plus: analyzing a hot, hot week for Steam launches

The faces of 'the creator economy' for DIY games

When Steam wishlists don't convert: a case study

Plus: next week's Hype makes an Ascent to the Starbase

Discovering your game's regional appeal, pre-launch?

Deep dive: how game platforms can amplify your game's reach

Plus: leave your Cris Tales at Death's Door?

Let's talk about Steam Deck, shall we?

Game discovery: where do short/niche games fit?

Plus: the post-Summer Sale (semi)-rush of game Hype!

Are these really the 'ugly truths' for indie publishers?

What do devs really want from a game platform?

Plus: Switch charts hit the U.S., Steam Hype goes on holiday

ANNOUNCE: 'The Complete Game Discovery Toolkit' eBook

SNKRX: anatomy of a sleeper hit

What's the best timing to release your game?

Plus: End of quarter Hype, new subscriber features...

Game localization for discovery: it's trickier than you think!

Case study: Rubber Bandits' double Prologue win

Plus: Who's winning Steam Next Fest so far? (And why?)

Don't buy (Steam games) for me, Argentina...

E3 showcases - what discovery boost do they really give?

Plus: Hype flees for E3, Powerwash's post-launch buzz!

Data dive: anatomy of a Steam game launch

Can paid ads for PC/console games give you positive ROI?

Plus 'sample': Biomutant attacks, Elite's odyssey perplexes

Plus: Early Access graduates, Hype fun, more!

Video game charts: a series of lenses

Sony's PlayStation strategy - exposed!

Plus: Going Medieval, or finding a Hokko Life?

Video games & TikTok: how to get discovery right

The 'combo' era: how GaaS, subscriptions, and IAP mesh on PC/console

Plus: Biomutant attacks, Elite's odyssey perplexes

Should we take Roblox seriously as a game discovery platform?

Steam sales for 'the other 50%' - a return!

Plus: the return of Days Gone, data galore!

The one game rating problem you really don't want to have

Steam tag trends, Epic & Valve lawsuit drama, & more

Plus: next week's Hype belongs to Mass Effect & Hood?

Three key discoverability takeaways from the Epic/Apple lawsuit

What do devs really think of game platform cut?

Plus: Resident Evil looms large, Twitch trends galore

Deep dive: can new Steam browsing options help your game?

What PlayWay should - and shouldn't - teach us about game publishing

Plus: Rome burns hot, NieR's porting fail

The perfect Steam trailer, overlooked tools, & more!

When demos can radically expand your game's discoverability

Plus: NieR Replicant RuleS next week's Steam Hype!

Why TikTok matters for game discovery

Epic vs. Apple - notes from a platform streetfight

Plus: new Switch eShop 'trending' charts, Steam Hype updates

Steam adds (privacy-friendly) marketing tracking!

Apple's Arcade shifts, Steam's cookies, oh my...

Plus: Outriders, It Takes Two get Hype-d!

Which YouTubers are the right ones for your game?

5 ways to boost your Steam wishlists: The Wandering Village edition

Plus: Are you evil (& a genius) for Steam Hype?

How to build one-off narrative games & still succeed on Steam/console...

How players use the Switch eShop in 2021

Plus: clever Steam bundles lead to upsides!

How to differentiate your game for success in 2021

How do you get 'More..' recommendations on Steam?

Plus: are you prepping for Mr. Prepper?

Deep dive: inside King Of Crabs' Steam F2P success

Cyberpunk 2077, expectation management & your game

Plus: The Stronghold breaks through...

Which genre should your next PC game be in?

How do you fund that game prototype?

Plus: Steam Early Access graduates get hype!

Switch's 'free week' demos, game controllers on PC & more

Deep dive: how Steam followers and wishlists relate

How does your game boost its 'long tail'?

Plus: Let's get Persona with Steam Hype

The 'GaaS or subscription service' squeeze in games

What are your game's pre-release 'story beats'?

Plus: why did Valheim take off like a rocket?

Call for data: your Steam wishlist to follower ratio!

Can you cheat to get ahead on Steam?

Plus: Mapping longer-term Steam sales curves

What Stadia's pivot tells us about the future of cloud gaming

Is Steam really conspiring to price fix?

Plus: Dyson Sphere's big takeoff, Hitman's EGS hit

The 'fab four' game marketing maxims to live by

Xbox's Gold pricing flipflop & what it means for Game Pass

Plus: Steam's top 100 for 2020 & more

Steam 'prologues'... do they really help?

Game platform deep-dive: from NeuroVoider to ScourgeBringer

Plus: Everspace 2 & space game Hype hits Steam

How did Rust make $1 million in Steam revenue in a day - twice?

Nova Drift: the making of a Steam holiday 'sleeper' hit

Plus: why do games overperform their Hype score?

Discount strategy: your key post-launch game discovery tool

Quantifying the Xmas day video game sales bump