ANNOUNCE: 'The Complete Game Discovery Toolkit' eBook

Please gaze upon its glory.

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New on Plus: ‘The Complete Game Discovery Toolkit’ eBook.

So we’re VERY excited to officially announce to all our free newsletter readers that the first ever GameDiscoverCo eBook is now available for download! You can grab your copy in .PDF, .EPUB, or .MOBI form if you’re a paid GameDiscoverCo Plus subscriber.

It’s called ‘The Complete Game Discovery Toolkit’, and it started as a massive tweaked/improved compilation of the very best ‘evergreen’ advice and data from the past 2+ years of the GameDiscoverCo newsletter. (We cover a lot, and often found ourselves searching for our most important advice and metrics in vain!)

But it also includes exclusive info debuting in public for the first time via the eBook. Here’s the cover (made for us by Bachelorsoft):

As for what’s in it, here’s the full table of contents, with the previously unreleased sections bolded. (The Steam tag analysis in particular is quite long and detailed, spanning 30+ pages):

The three eras of game discoverability

Key pre-launch and post-launch discovery tips for your game
Building a pre-launch community for your game
The five deadly sins of game discovery
Why are you making your store page unattractive?
How ‘story beats’ fit into your game’s journey…
The surprising way that paid DLC works
Why you may be underpricing your game
Post-release game discount strategies
Steam tags - the best & worst genres to be in?

Steam Week 1 compared to Year 1, 2, 3 revenue
Steam’s reviews to sales ratio
Steam’s net revenue compared to gross
How Steam followers and wishlists relate

Steam sales case study: ‘Academia: School Simulator’
How to get to 250,000 Steam wishlists with your game
Game analysis: a notable Steam F2P game

If you’re a Plus subscriber already and didn’t grab the book, you can find a link to the eBook in the #plus-membership-benefits channel of our member Discord.

But if you’re not, you can absolutely subscribe now, and get access to it and a whole bunch of other great stuff:

Just as a reminder, here’s the other things you get if you sign up to GameDiscoverCo Plus:

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  • Full access to our Steam Hype data back-end, which analyzes and ranks all unreleased Steam games, with exportable CSV data & more.

And we just rolled out an update to our Steam Hype data, with an updated front-end and the ability to search by Steam tags, demo availability, and lots more. Want to see which unreleased Metroidvanias are vying for the most attention? No problemo:

And we’re also planning post-release Steam data in the Hype back end for later this year!

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