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Steam's end of year bonanza gets 'experimental'

What makes for a good game publishing contract?

Who's playing what on PlayStation 5?

Plus: Steam Hype analysis - the aftermath of Cyberpunk week...

Opinion: Game company acquisitions & the 'growth stock bubble'

Switch cracks down (further) on extreme discounting

Steam gets 'experimental' with discovery

Plus: new Steam Hype features, December's Hype winners so far

Plus exclusive deep dive: the state of Apple Arcade

Platform share, platform share, platform share!

Do betas & demos right, the Monster Train way!

Plus exclusive: Steam Hype & the Cyberpunk avoidance zone

Case study: making Core Defense a solo dev success

What's your first week revenue per game platform?

The one key Steam stat that you’re not checking...

Plus: Steam Hype charts for week of Nov 30th, 2020

The anatomy of a Steam sale

Does Apple's 15% platform cut change the game?

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Plus: A deep dive inside the Steam Hype rankings

Prototypes, publishing, pitching, oh my!

Data deep dive: what's the 'long tail' like for Steam games?

Discovery takeaways from the new PlayStation 5 store?

Who are the 'game subscription' believers & non-believers?

Why do some games just... keep selling?

What could game publishers be doing better?

iOS/Android sales deep dive: 'Meteorfall: Krumit's Tale'

The big boost - PlayStation Plus & Fall Guys' success?

Facebook's cloud gaming aspirations, why social gaming took off & more!

Call for data: (Steam) game revenue over time!

PlayStation's new (web) store, genre viability & more

We need to talk about Steam & China

Data Deep Dive: 'Meteorfall: Krumit's Tale' on Steam

Microsoft's rival console experiments & discovery!

Switch game discovery - look on the bright side?

How to get on the good side of media & streamers

Steam refund messages: the silly & the sensible

Steam Game Festival kicks into high gear

Should game devs become YouTubers to get (more) successful?

Estimating platform revenues - a discovery conundrum!

Switch & Steam discount strategies? We got 'em.

Has Xbox changed discoverability with its new store?

Does your game have 'staying power'?

Amazon's Luna, what's on the Steam front page, & more!

How to get nearly 250k Steam wishlists, The Riftbreaker way

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Bethesda x Xbox: the ecosystem ramifications

The 'mysterious' Steam algorithm - not that scary?

Spellbreak's hype get, PlayStation Plus Collection, & more

Xbox goes for lock-in with All Access

Behind the dizzying ride to the top for Among Us

Can influencer-branded game stores work?

Are the 'store wars' really upon us? (& more!)

We need to take wishlist quality more seriously

Do you want 100x your regular hourly game sales?

How did Fall Guys get it so right?

Tim Epic vs. Tim Apple (also non-Tim news!)

Game refunds & the hidden costs of 'getting to net' on Steam

What should a game publishing agreement look like?

Why are you making your store page unattractive?

How big is your game's Discord? (Not this big!)

How that game sold on Steam, using the 'NB number'.

Has your game got 'juice'? (& more!)

Are platforms devaluing games to gain market share?

Xbox Demo Fest blasts off (& lots more!)

Your complete 'game discovery' primer

Help needed: what's the real Steam reviews/sales ratio?

Stadia's 'Click To Play' - the future?

The surprising way that paid DLC works

GameDiscoverabilityland: Those Satisfactory Sales Numbers

Mobile game discovery - why it's tricky for indies

Game Discoverabilityland: The Season Of Discovery

Nintendo Switch Game Sales: The Three Biggest Misconceptions

What are Steam Points? What were Summer Festival's lessons?

Guest post: Discoverability by Design

Are YOU prioritizing your Steam tags?

Game Discoverabilityland: Go Go Summer Festival!

Steam: the new 'wishlists to first week sales' expectations

Never Mind The Bollocks: Here's The Game Devs

Game Discoverabilityland: The Summer Of Games

Steam's wishlist conversions - how hot are yours?

Game Discoverability & The Nintendo Switch: What's Selling?

Game Discoverabilityland: Welcome To The Summer Of Indie Direct

Game Discoverability & The Nintendo Switch: Where We're At

Tales From Discoverabilityland: The Hidden Switch Demo Upside

Steam's wishlist-to-sales %: thoughts & a call for data!

Gaining fans for your game? A marathon, not a sprint

LudoNarraCon: a data-filled followup Q&A

Tales From Discoverabilityland: When Your Wishlists Don't Convert

The Impact of One Streamer on a Game After Release

Developing Your Game's Community For Maximum Pre-Release Fans

Tales From Discoverabilityland: A Story Of Three Graphs

Steam Gets 'Editorial' When We Weren't Looking

The Five Deadly Sins Of Game Attractiveness

Tales From Discoverabilityland: To Demo, Or Not To Demo

Interview: Tuning promotion to make Academia a success

Showcasing on Steam's Game Festival: the real numbers!

Tales From Discoverabilityland: March 2020

Steam sales case study: 'Academia: School Simulator'

Tales From Discoverabilityland: February 2020

What 'Dragons Love Tacos' taught me about game discoverability

Tales From Discoverabilityland: Jan. 2020

Analyzing the top Steam tags