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One notable thing about the Xbox ad issue...is it just me, or is the MS store situation **terrible**?

The app just straight-up does not have any purchasing ability, for no reason I can possibly fathom. The PC site buying experience is absolute dogshit, so wedded to MS's other products and services that it has a UX that is beyond useless for discovery, purchase or even navigation. And even on the Xbox itself, the store is not only bundled away in a corner, but the layout and discoverability is TERRIBLE, as is access to the users' favorites, wishlist, sorting, or anything else.

Discoverability and filtering on the Switch is a hassle, but it's not actively unpleasant to use like the Xbox version. It really feels like the store is playing third fiddle to Game Pass, and that actual sales are something MS is doing only with the greatest reluctance. Which is weird, as they're the ONLY way to get seventh-gen games now.

Not that PlayStation is that much better, it feels like Sony is nearly desperate to get you to buy multiple versions of the same game by accident, and good luck trying to read the description or find a developer's other games, but at least it's easy to get to your wishlist and scroll through it.

And, frankly, NONE of them are anywhere near as good as their PC counterparts. Leave aside Steam, I'd stack GOG up against any of them. GOG! The retro guys! Incredible. Just a huge unforced error.

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