Also Sony's whole streaming-PS5-games-only-on-PS5s push is the goofiest thing I've seen in a while. It's the same platform! It's not even a thin client!

The only way that works is if you have amazing internet, but if you do, then you can download whatever you like. And while storage is an issue, there's never been a better time to buy more and installing it in the PS5 is trivial.

I put a Samsung 980 in my PS5 and it took four minutes max. It's not QUITE as easy as the Series version, but you aren't paying double for the same amount of space, either.

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Huh, weird, not used to being quoted.

Thanks for the figures, and I agree that discoverability outside of the Steam ecosystem is an absolutely enormous problem that precludes all but the largest companies from even considering it. Even the big publishers are moving away from using their own launchers.

And, interestingly, that seems true even when you take consoles into effect.

I've read some good commentary that says that a big reason why so many indie games are Switch/PC is because neither Sony nor Microsoft give any support or prominence to non-AAA games on their platforms. Microsoft's store is a mess in general and they clearly would prefer you be on GamePass...

...while Sony demonstrably doesn't care about indie at all. Not in the store, not in their promotions, and DEFINITELY not in their overpriced subscription services.

That leaves the Nintendo eShop, which is slow and balky but can give lots of visibility to smaller games even outside of the indie Directs...and leaves Steam. As ever.

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