Just to say (as a slightly interested party) that Crayta has launched on Stadia (as a Stadia first title) and is very much a top-class "games-creation" game - https://crayta.com/

I think you'd find it interesting to add to the mix. They've announced a scheme to encourage people to make games on their platform (https://medium.com/crayta/the-dilemma-of-running-a-prize-fund-vs-promoting-and-supporting-games-a1b3d88beff0), and we've already made Super Doom Wall for it as part of their indie fund (https://www.crayta.com/indiefund/) ahead of launch. They also have a Black Creators Prize Fund & Mentoring programme.

Great newsletter by the way, glad I signed up!

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Great point! I heard about this and it slipped my mind - I'll add it to the next round-up.

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There are a number of indies too like Playcraft and dot big bang that aim to make multiplayer game creation easy, all trying to be the next ROBLOX for X.

I'm fascinated to see it unfold, but I have absolutely no doubt that player creator communities are only going to get bigger and become more common. I guess our startup https://mod.io is attempting to make that possible for all games, and not just the sandboxes of the world!

Anyhow Simon love your analysis, I should have signed up to your newsletter sooner and looking forward to the next one!

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