Good post, but im from Argentina, where the minimun salary is 45000 ARS and with a price of 1 USD - 175 ARS actually (the "official dolar" dont count, this goverment is shit) the minimun salary in dollars is 250 USD aprox.

Steam is the only game store that thinks in the players of these countries that cannot buy a game because the price is not just in everyone in the world.

Many players from rich countries take advantage from this and it s not good because there are countries that the minimum salary are much superior than the Argentinian salary.

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Been reading your newsletter for a bit now.

About this case, it makes me very anxious, as a brazilian if there isnt a regional pricing a 20 dolar game goes to R$100,00.

this would just increase piracy, I hope Steam makes the right call on this one.

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