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For something like bomberman, you got complex controls and visuals that are hard to get used to.

You can't even control the perspective in bomberman. It's hard to even tell which platforms you can jump over. When you get behind a wall, it becomes way harder to see where you are.

The multiplayer aspect of bomberman is unappealing since it doesn't add much change the game play itself. Like who cares if some others are on your team? You'll mostly be focused on surviving yourself. It's that chaotic type of game where it doesn't allow much cooperation or interaction.

Among us, on the other hand isn't as chaotic. You won't die simply from messing around for a few seconds or even a few minutes in among us. Because of the chaotic play style of bomberman, multiplayer becomes much less relevant.

Furthermore, you'll be less likely to want to invite your friends to play bomberman, simply because of how little it offers in terms of gameplay, as well as the fact that it requires you to get used to the art and the controls to play properly in the first place.

With something like among us, you get incredibly simple controls and visuals, allowing you to actually focus on actually strategizing the game rather than trying to get used to the controls/visuals. Due to game play style, it allows you to have a range of unique interactions with different players.

Among us also allows you to have the satisfaction of finally getting the murderer role from time to time, making the game slightly less repetitive.

Among us is also so much greater for content creators. It has art that can easily be replicated, allowing for people to make animations or art based off of it. It's so simple that making mods for it is easy too.

As the article mentions, there's also the cross promotion aspect. Since the multiplayer aspect is so relevant in among us, it also allows for drama and characterization.

The concept of among us is also very widely applicable, thus more memable. Memes were a huge part of among us, which I'm sure played a role in it's exposure.

Overall, bomberman failed in one of the biggest aspects: casualness. The limited game play is not worth all the effort required to simply get used to the visuals and the controls. Not even fun watching others play, meaning no youtubers or streamers are likely to play.

Among Us on the other hand did very well in most aspects. I believe it could've lasted much longer, had it added more game play modes and a variety of other things. But it did very well either way.

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