Anniversary / Black Friday sale: get GameDiscoverCo Plus for 33% off!

It's literally unprecedented.

[The GameDiscoverCo game discovery newsletter is written by ‘how people find your game’ expert & GameDiscoverCo founder Simon Carless, and is a regular look at how people discover and buy video games in the 2020s.]

Hey folks - Simon here from GameDiscoverCo. It’s the first anniversary of the creation of our GameDiscoverCo Plus paid newsletter/data tier. And we just rolled out our biggest feature yet for it!

It’s an interactive Steam ‘post-release’ dataset for all 1000+ games released each month. It shows top (& bottom!) titles and compares pre-launch ‘Hype’ to reality:

We get a lot of people asking what extra info they get with GameDiscoverCo’s Plus tier. So we’ve put together a short video showing exactly that, and how it will help you do better in this space:

We think to successfully build, publish or follow PC/console video games, you need context into what games are actually doing well and why. And that’s exactly what we provide in our Plus tier.

To recap: GameDiscoverCo Plus gets you the following, in addition to the free newsletter you already receive:

  • Full access to GameDiscoverCo’s Plus data back-end, which analyzes and ranks all unreleased - and now also recently released - Steam games by popularity - with searching by Steam tag, exportable .CSV data, daily reports, & lots more. It also includes at a glance ‘recent hot games’ charts for Switch, Xbox, PlayStation & Apple Arcade.

  • 'Plus'-exclusive data-driven newsletters - where we analyze the Hype and results for top games on Steam, console, Epic Games Store & more every Friday. Here’s a free sample Plus newsletter from June, and we’ve expanded the platform analysis since then.

  • Exclusive eBooks, including ‘The Complete Game Discovery Toolkit’, an enhanced compilation of the very best ‘evergreen’ advice and data from the GameDiscoverCo newsletter - as well as Derek Yu’s book on the design & discovery of his game Spelunky as a fun bonus.

  • The very helpful Plus member-only GameDiscoverCo Discord server. It’s great for talking ‘game discovery tips & news’ and other important platform questions with your peers and the GameDiscoverCo crew.

So we’re doing a limited-time offer for the next 10 days, for Plus’ anniversary & Black Friday. You can sign up to GameDiscoverCo Plus for the first year for only $100 USD (or your local equivalent):

Sign up to Plus for 33% off!

(Also: if you want multiple people at your company to get Plus, you can get the company subscription and email us, and we’ll sign up all your colleagues to the newsletter.)

We hope that you’ll support our mission and expand your industry knowledge by signing up for Plus. And we truly appreciate you continuing to read.

Take care,
Simon @ GameDiscoverCo.